My Job

I tried working in juice bars and cafes to interning in law offices to modeling in NYC to starting my own physical business. 
None of them resonated and I was either left with no time or no money or a low vibrational state! 
Being my own boss online was one of the last things I thought I’d do.

 I thought you needed to have a bunch of followers or YouTube subscribers to have the time freedom and money freedom. 

But then I found a holistic health related business and built my soul tribe of leaders all collectively uplifting each other and living out their dream life. 

I manifested my dream life twice and retired
 my mom and it’s only been a year since I started this venture. 

There is a product involved with all this but it’s healing so many lives. People like Obama and Bill Gates use it. 

And it’s as simple and as vital as water. 

Who we are. to be. existence.
This is about collective uplifting, embodying your dream life, and changing the world. 

If you’re interested in learning more then watch the video and answer the questions below and 
I’ll send you the password for the “learn more” page of my website.

I’m sharing this with people because I wish I knew this existed earlier! 

This opportunity completely transformed my entire life. 

I know what it feels like when you think there isn’t an alternative.
When you’ve tired out all options. When you have the drive and the motivation and the hard work but have no idea how to create the abundance.
This opportunity changed that for me. 

When I look back at everything I want to be able to feel the lives I’ve helped. 

At the end of the day everyone just wants to live their dream and help other people. 
Collective uplifting always. 
This is my favorite way to give back.
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Retiring my mom :