The top two questions strangers ask each other are: Where are you from? and. What do you do?
My answer to the latter changes every time someone asks me.
Here are some examples of my responses:
  • I work from home
  • I own my own business online
  • I just adventure and do what I want  
  • I help people reach abundance in all aspects of their life and help them manifest their dream 
  • I created a group of conscious female entrepreneurs who all own their own holistic health business 
  • I’m a kangen* water distributor
  • I’m a network marketer for kangen* water 
  • You know that water machine in the hardware store in Princeville? That’s how I make my money.
Honestly none of these answers feel right to me. They are all true but they don’t explain what my job is. I’m a straight forward person. shocker. I don’t like beating around the bush and would rather give things to people straight. But I never felt I could explain my job without sending people to watch some videos I made. Until now. 
WHAT DO I ACTUALLY DO ON A DAILY BASIS TO MAKE MONEY? No curtains. No smoke. No mirrors. This is me being as concise and straightforward as possible while not leaving anything important out. 
You know those people on social media who have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers or subscribers or blog readers? Lots of these people make their money by doing brand deals, product deals, and by running ads. Here is the thing, most of us don’t have a huge audience to talk to. And even the people I’ve met who have huge audiences still struggle with financial freedom. 
My job cuts out the middle man. I am a Kangen* water distributor. The traditional sense of those words mean that I sell water machines to people who want to buy water machines. But that is not what I do. I do not go around telling people to buy Kangen* water machines. I do not go to my friends and family and tell them all the benefits of this healing product. I do what a social media influencer would do. I live out my dream. But instead of sharing products or doing brand deals I share with others that they can live out their dream as well. I am the “product.” People ask me how I am able to live the life I do. I tell them it’s by starting a Kangen* water business. They buy a product and heal themselves physically. They get to start a business to attain financial freedom**. And they get to live out their dream to inspire others to do the same. 
That means on a daily basis I live out my dream life. I put that life on social media platforms. I spend time writing out my stories. I spend time taking pictures. I spend time working on myself and working through blockages so that I can become a more abundant version of myself. This includes listening to audio books, speeches, connecting with my soul tribe. The only “technical” things I do are getting on phone calls with people to find out the best financial way for them to start the business and help people with paperwork. 

UPDATE: as of August 2019 I no longer get on calls with people. I have aligned with an automated platform that does all of this form me now. So I focus on connecting with people I want to work with and sharing the benefits of the water. The business plan is already done for me. Which is beautiful for someone like me who is creative, hard working, and self disciplined. I only work around an hour or two a day. That time can adapt per person. There are single parents and students who do this as their job. If you only have ten minutes a day to show up then that's all you need. 
On top of working online people also sell the product in person to health conscious people, gyms, yoga studios, health food stores and restaurants. This business is completely adaptable. 
I love my job because I am my job. I get to be myself and help others do the same all through a product that is healing so many people’s lives. I’m the happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest I’ve ever been. If I’m not living my dream then my business isn’t doing well. boom. That’s why I’m so happy all the time. That’s the truth. Take it or leave it. 

If you want to apply to work with me and join my soul tribe you can do so by following this LINK 
Wait Erin, isn’t that a pyramid scheme or mlm thing? 
  • first of all pyramid schemes are illegal. Enagic, the Kangen water company, has been around for over 40 years. Nothing illegal lasts that long. 
  • And no it is not an mlm. The person who told me about this business no longer makes any money from the sales I make. And I also currently make 8 times the amount of money that she does. Those aren’t the only reasons why this isn’t an mlm but those are a couple. If you truly want to talk about it send me a message and I can explain further. 
Don’t you have to pester friends and family to buy these machines though? 
  • not at all. My soul tribe (all the goddesses that I am helping with their kangen business) consists of people from all over the world with all different backgrounds and ages. I have only personally met two of them. 
  • I have only sold one machine to someone in person purely for them to use the machine for health benefits. 
Isn’t this network marketing? 
  • Yes. I guess you could call it that. But do you even know what network marketing is? We are all network marketers by default we just don’t get paid. When was the last time you went to go see a movie and you enjoyed it so much that you told a friend about it? Same thing with this. I love this product so much and I love my life so much that I want people to know they can reach the same abundance that I have for myself. Why is it that when money is involved we see this as a bad thing? Sounds like anyone who views network marketing in a negative way has a money mindset blockage they need to work through. 
I heard the products are expensive. How do you get people to buy them? 
  • if you’re asking this question then you don’t see the value that this machine has to offer and that’s ok. Personally, I think this product is way cheaper than it should be. For me, it’s my doctor, cleaner, and water source all in one. I’m over 70% water which means the most expensive thing I should be spending money on is water. 
  • It’s also a lot cheaper than a lot of people think. Enagic offers payment plan options where you can pay a machine off every month. 
  • And that’s just if you’re solely buying a machine for the water. If you’re starting a business with it then the machine is way cheaper than any other business start up costs that I have found. And by that I mean the cheapest startup with the MOST financial return**. 
  • It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a business. If you think this is expensive then starting a business isn’t for you.  
  • When I heard that after a certain point I would be paid for life and that I could give that to my children I was hooked. LIFETIME residual INCOME and LEGACY INCOME. The start up costs should be way more than they are. 

*What even is Kangen water? 
I made videos on my website explaining it. When you just google it there is a lot of conflicting information because people are uneducated on the product. If you want to do outside research yourself then look up peer reviewed journals on pubmed (on alalized not alkaline water). Here is a brief overview: 
  • It is alkalized ionized water 
  • it is NOT alkaline water  
  • It is NOT a filter
  • Alkalized water is an electrical change not a chemical change like alkaline water 
  • It is 100% natural. It’s like if a lightning bolt struck water that charge the water now has makes it alkalized. Here are the only places in the world who produce the water without having to use a Kangen machine: 
    •  Lourdes, France
    • Tlacote, Mexico
    • Nordenau, Germany
    • Nadana, India
How have I personally benefitted from the water? 
  • I don’t use shampoo or conditioner anymore 
  • I don’t put anything on my skin now except natural sunscreen or coconut oil sometimes
  • Just the other week I got a foot infection so I soaked it in some water and it healed on its own
  • This water gives me my energy. I have moved twice since getting my machine and I felt my energy slowly decreasing until I was able to hook my machine bak up. To be honest, I haven’t been able to hook up my machine since moving to my tree house and my energy levels have been all over the place. 
**When I heard that after a certain point I would be paid for life and that I could give that to my children in my Will I was hooked. LIFETIME residual INCOME and LEGACY INCOME. The start up costs should be way more than they are. 

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