2019 New year intentions

New Year Intentions!
Your highest form of self love is action. So new year intentions are beautiful but until you implement the intention they are only just thoughts and thoughts are illusions. Are you living an illusion?
My action steps for 2019:
-I will help 222 new souls awaken abundance in all aspects of their life (time, money, health, happiness)
-I will have my first six figure year as my own boss online.
-I will retire my mom on her birthday on January 14th
-I will donate 1111$ to an aspiring young artist from my high school and will continue this annually
-I will have a full time assistant
-I will spend a maximum of 3 hours a day attached to a screen
-I will travel back to Bali
-I will go skydiving for the first time
Thank you 2019 for allowing me to experience even more abundance.
I realize most of these are business and financial related goals but honestly that’s because I already live my dream life on the daily. I may add some more things to this list before the start of the new year but for now I’m super excited to check all these off!

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